Project Description

Appointment with gOD Excerpt 1 

Volunteers Needed: 2 Male (Announcer and Crowd – to double as Voices), 2 Female (Kakye and Achan)

ANNOUNCER:         You…

KAKYE:                     Yes…

ANNOUNCER:         Come through…

CROWD:                    Serious business…

ANNOUNCER:         Hurry through…

KAKYE:                     I am thinking; my form.

Did I remember all the spaces?

ANNOUNCER:         Access number one…

KAKYE:                     Did I fill in my name?

ANNOUNCER:         Remove your jacket…

ACHAN:                    Passport number?

ANNOUNCER:         Open your bag…

CROWD:                    Passport date of issue?

ANNOUNCER:         Empty your bag…

KAKYE:                     Passport date of expiry?

ANNOUNCER:         Switch off your phone…

CROWD:                    Place of issue?

ANNOUNCER:         Open your hair…

KAKYE:                     Place of birth?

ANNOUNCER:         Remove your shoes…

CROWD:                    Date of birth?

ANNOUNCER:         Remove your watch…

ACHAN:                    Date of death…

ANNOUNCER:         April 1st, walk through…

CROWD:                    We are walking through.

ANNOUNCER:         Come back!

CROWD:                    What have I done?

ANNOUNCER:         Your bag!

KAKYE:                     My bag?

ANNOUNCER:         Through the screen.

Again. Again. Again. Again. Again.

(The crowd gives five deep breaths of fear)

KAKYE:                     Five agains!

ANNOUNCER:         No jewel!

KAKYE:                     Yes Sir?

ANNOUNCER:         No weapons!

KAKYE:                     No Sir!

ANNOUNCER:         No hair pins!

KAKYE:                     Yes Sir.

ANNOUNCER:         No nail cutters!

KAKYE:                     Yes Sir.

ANNOUNCER:         No liquids!

KAKYE:                     Yes Sir.

CROWD:                    We are searched

KAKYE:                     Up and down,

Down and up,

Outside in,

Inside out,

Upside down,

Down side up!

ANNOUNCER:         Your number.

KAKYE:                     My number?

ANNOUNCER:         Your tag.

KAKYE:                     My tag…

ANNOUNCER:         Your bag.

KAKYE:                     My bag…

ANNOUNCER:         Your papers.

KAKYE:                     My papers.

CROWD:                    My precious papers.

ANNOUNCER:         Access two open. Walk through.

KAKYE:                     I walk through

I am not nosy.

VOICE 1:                   Am numb.

VOICE 2:                   I am not nervy.

VOICE 1:                   Am nervous.

KAKYE:                     Am not normal, am nuts!

I look behind me

Others are following!

CROWD:                    We are marching…

KAKYE:                     Like ants looking for food.

I look up,

Ahead of me,

Where the gODs seat…

VOICE 1:                   Where the angels dwell.

VOICE 2:                   Where the orders are given.

VOICE 1:                   Where the saints are named.

KAKYE:                     Oh, Lord I want to be in that number.

The number of those

Who will walk out

Smiling, laughing!


Oh when the saints

Go marching in

(She sings softly)

Oh when the saints                 

                                    Go marching in

                                    Oh when the saints

                                    Go marching in

                                    Oh Lord I want

                                    To be in that number

                                    Oh when the saints

                                    Go marching in

Oh when my name

(The song overlaps Kakye’s dialogue. The song plays at different levels; hope, death, prayer, marching to the unknown)

KAKYE:                     I sit down,                               CROWD:        Oh when the saints

The song still occupying my mind                  Go marching in

Next to me is that woman                               Oh when the saints

That woman of…                                            Go marching in

“Region of origin” talk!                                  Oh Lord I want

I will ignore her.                                              To be in that number

Oh when the saints

Go marching in